Having Chris as diet expert was life-changing. Going to someone who wasn’t into a plant-based diet wouldn’t have worked for me. Chris dives straight in with enthusiasm and belief. He’s essential for anyone trying to live their lives without meat. His tips, suggestions and support are all-encompassing. To say he’s got a holistic approach is an understatement.
— Donal, Dublin

When I took on a new role as player coach for one of Ireland’s best hockey clubs I went to Chris get help losing weight before the season started. I lost half a stone within a very short period of time. He put me on a new nutrition program and not only did I keep the weight off but I continued to lose the weight in a sustainable way.
— Gareth, Dublin

I went from 63.3kgs to 60.7 in five days. A month later I have maintained the loss because of my awareness of my old eating habits. I am thrilled with the result. The focus on mindful eating is a great habit and I am so pleased to have this discipline in my life now.
— Phil, 65, breast cancer survivor