Overnight Hempy Oat Pot

Overnight Oats.png

High in fibre, plenty of protein, and delicious…. you can’t go wrong starting your day with this!

Serves 1

Breakfast really is an important meal.  People who eat a poor quality refined breakfast tend to have a 40% higher insulin spike after lunch.  So what you eat for breakfast affects your whole day.

This is such a delicious breakfast and it is so easy to make and meal prep.  I normally make three of these on a Sunday night, and another three on Wednesday.  Then I can just top it with fruit in the morning and run out the door.

This breakfast beauty has over 16g of protein per serving as well as 12g of fibre and a generous helping of plant-based omega 3’s.  It’s a great way to start the day.


What you’ll need……

-      40g (1/2 cup) oats

-      18g (2 tbsp) hemp seeds

-      9g (1tbsp) flax seeds

-      27g (1tbsp) Date syrup (as per The How Not to Die Cookbook https://nutritionfacts.org/recipe/date-syrup/)

-      1/2 tsp cinnamon

-      1/4 tsp turmeric

-      200ml milk of choice (I like oat)

-      A drop of vanilla essence (optional)

-      60g berries/fruit of choice (Fresh mango is amazing in this)


What to do……..

Put all the ingredients into a Tupperware or Kilner jar and stir it all up and leave it over night.  If you are meal prepping make three at a time.  If using frozen berries put them on top the night before you eat, don’t put them all on when prepping.


Nutrition per Serving

Calories                                462kcal

Fat                                          18.9g

Of which saturates          2.1g

Carbs                                     57g

Of which sugar                   22.7g

Protein                                  16.1g

Fibre                                      12.2g

Salt                                        0.01g

Chris Peare