Plant-Based Menu Consultancy & Menu Analysis


plant-based menu consultancy…

The world is moving on and tastes are changing. With all the media focus on health and environment consumers are asking for plant-based options more than ever before. The food service industry needs to react.  According to Bord Bia research:

  • 1 in 3 people claim to have reduced their consumption of red meat, 67% of which are doing so for their health

  • 22% of people claim to be reducing dairy, 56% of these people are doing so for their health

  • There are 146,000 dietary vegans in Ireland, 4.1% of the population

  • There are over 153,000 vegetarians, 4.3% of the population

  • Re-balancers, people actively reducing their meat and dairy intake account for 8.2% of the Irish population, over 296,000 people.

  • Dietary vegans, vegetarians and re-balancers are more likely to be aged between 18 and 34, to live in urban areas and to have a higher disposable income. 

Vegans, vegetarians and re-balancers account for 16.6% of the population.  This number is increasing and it is essential that cafes and restaurants adapt and cater for this growing trend.  

At Green Lemon Nutrition we have years of experience with plant-based recipe creation and we offer a great plant-based menu service. We work closely with restaurants and cafes to create tailored plant-based recipes to improve the offering for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.


Recipe/Menu Analysis

Potential legislation due to be implemented by the end of 2019 will mean that restaurants in Ireland will be required by law to display calorie counts on menus by the end of the year. At Green Lemon Nutrition we have the knowledge, experience and software to help food service operators with recipe analysis for calorie counting, macro, and micro-nutrient breakdown.