My Story

I wasn't always interested in nutrition and health wasn't always my priority.  When I was in my late teens I was addicted to junk food, I drank too much and I was obese.......

Over the years, I tried everything under the sun to lose weight and regain my health - high-fat diets, low-fat diets, high-protein diets, low-carb diets and more.  I went to health care professionals and weight management clinics but nothing worked. In almost all cases, there was an initial weight loss but maintenance seemed impossible.

Eventually, I figured it out for myself.  When I discovered the secret, I decided that I wanted to support others on their health journey, so I went back to college and here I am.

The secret, I discovered, was to give my body nourishing food.  Fresh food, packed full of micronutrients.  I had been so focused on protein, carbs and fat that I never thought about the micronutrients my body needed to function properly.

It was my wife’s idea to get a juicer.  We started making low-sugar green juices and the weight started to fall off.  Drinking green juice was the only change that I made. I was holding on to my fat stores because my body thought I needed them, as it wasn’t getting the nourishing food that it needed.  

Amazed by this, I decided to go back to college and make it my mission to help people achieve optimal health.  The more I learned in college, the more changes I made and the more I could see and feel my health improve.  I gradually moved towards a more plant-based diet focused around vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  My energy significantly increased and my weight continued to drop.  With the increased energy, I started walking, doing weights, and running 5 and 10 kilometre races.

The key to unlocking optimal health to live your best life is to change your relationship with food.  Eating the food that nourishes your body can boost your mood, improve sleep, increase energy, improve weight loss, improve visible signs of aging, and increase mental clarity.  When you see the results, you will want more and it will become easy.

At the unhealthiest time in my life I was 112kg/247lbs.  I am now 32kg/70lbs lighter and in the best health of my life.  With some hard work, and my help and support, you can achieve your optimal weight, increase your energy, and live your best life.

Chris Peare