Whether you are someone who wants to improve your health or a food service business who wants to improve your plant-based menu options we are here to help

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My Story & Blogs

I’m Chris, Founder of Green Lemon Nutrition. At GLN we love all things health and plant-based. We aim to help individuals achieve optimal health through eating more healthy plants, and we help cafes, restaurants and food service suppliers to offer a more comprehensive range of plant-based options with our menu consultancy service.

I wasn't always in to nutrition and health wasn't always my priority.  When I was young I was addicted to junk food, I drank too much and I was obese.......

Over the years I tried everything under the sun to lose weight and regain my health.  High fat, low fat, high protein, low carb.  I went to health care professionals and weight management clinics but nothing worked.

Eventually I figures it out for myself.  When I discovered the secret I decided that I want to support others in their health journey so I went back to college and here I am.

Nutrition, Mindset, Accountability (N.M.A)

Nutrition: Here at Green Lemon we start with food.  We believe that nutrition is the spring board to accomplishing life’s goals and cultivating true joy.  We will help you make changes to your diet so that you can lose weight, boost mood, increase energy, improve sleep, and sharpen your mental clarity

Mindset: If optimising our nutrition was easy we would all be in optimum health, right?  This is where mindset comes in.  Your mindset can determine your success in all areas of life.  We encourage you to adopt a growth mindset to so that no matter where you are in life you can grow, learn, and achieve your targets.

Accountability: We are all guilty of setting goals and not achieving them.  We will hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do.  When working together we strive for progress, not perfection.  As your accountability partner we will be your biggest cheerleader, keep you focussed on your goals, challenge you to up your game, and celebrate every milestone.



"Having Chris as diet expert was life-changing. Going to someone who wasn't into a plant-based diet wouldn't have worked for me. Chris dives straight in with enthusiasm and belief. He's essential for anyone trying to live their lives without meat. His tips, suggestions and support are all-encompassing. To say he's got a holistic approach is an understatement."

Donal - Dublin

When I took on a new role as player coach for one of Ireland's best hockey clubs I went to Chris get help losing weight before the season started.  I lost half a stone within a very short period of time.  He put me on a new nutrition program and not only did I keep the weight off but I continued to lose the weight in a sustainable way.

Gareth Watkins - Monkstown Hockey Club